Mason's new album   'CHROMA PANORAMA' out now!

Mason's new album 'CHROMA PANORAMA' out now!

Not many dance music artists had such an unusual career path, stretching from being a kid TV star to Tiesto’s touring violinist to pop chart hit maker to guerrilla party organiser to one of the most productive and collaborative producers of the lowlands. Mason does it all, becoming one of the true gems of the European electronic music scene. 

This guy has created chart topping records, music for Dior and Hugo Boss and countless underground bangers. Whether laying down sweaty club DJ sets around the world to touring his live ‘Mason & The Masonettes’ show, this musical polymath is always shifting colours, and blurring boundaries. In short, Mason is always keeping things interesting for himself and his audience. 

Mason’s new album Chroma Panorama drops this November in a heavy shower of multi-coloured musical droplets. On this, his fourth long player in a career spanning over two decades, Mason once again demonstrates his quirky versatility, craftsmanship and disregard for the musical zeitgeist. Despite coming up on dance floor geared grooves the Dutchman shows he is far from being a one trick pony chomping through a sack full of forgettable dancefloor fodder. This is a friendly, playful creature of an album. Like a favourite cat that wakes up and makes a viral video every once in a while. 

Chroma Panorama takes a journey through cerebral urban pop, 80’s sex jams, indie tinged house, sprinkled with funk and soulful downtempo vibrations. The fourteen tracks include guest appearances from the likes of Dragonette, Sweetie Irie (Gorillaz), Brit award winner Jack Garrett and Zero 7 chanteuse Sophie Barker. There are also guest voices from members of The Gospel House Choir and UK indie pop favourites Girl Ray. 

"Making an album really suits my needs to just create anything I want without being constrained to boundaries, genres or tempi.” comments Mason. " I love DJ-ing with all my heart, massively, but as a producer to only write music for dancefloors I find a bit limiting. I just like to do more. I’ve been really enjoying diving into the deep end of the song writing process and just going with the flow. I have to say, I’ve been one lucky bastard being able to work with such a talented bunch of artists as I have on this album. 

Out now on Animal Language


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