Mason & The Masonettes - Are You Ready

Mason & The Masonettes - Are You Ready

Mason makes a return to Another Rhythm, combining his own vocal trio The Masonettes, and multi-track tape reels from the ‘70s, creating a silky soulful disco future classic, “Are You Ready. 

 Take one legendary DJ/producer with a twenty year track record of making house bangers. Add an all singing, all dancing, all girl vocal trio and in short you have Mason & The Masonettes. This new ensemble take an aural trip from the heyday of Motown, via Studio 54 and onto a late 80’s NYC loft party before musically zooming onto now and beyond.

The Dutch producer was invited to plunder the dusty archive of the late 60’s and 70’s soul imprint Philly Groove Records. Given the full multi-track reels from First Choice to play with, our boy was able to create a new house record from all its separate musical elements. This is not your common or garden “sample and house loop” club record. To top it off, Mason added his new female vocal trio, The Masonettes, for a dose of extra sass.

“Getting hold of the original parts to an old track like this is gold dust for a producer. Having those authentic, beautifully played strings, horns and dozens of other instrumental stems in their vintage recording techniques made me feel like the proverbial kid in a sweet shop” states Mason.

“Being able to mess around with those tracks and then add my own production has been a huge privilege. I wanted to be respectful, but at the same time, bring the First Choice song into a new format and introduce it to a fresh audience. “


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